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America has always been great.

This finished Acrylic painting is up for grabs.  Still getting my feet wet in the acrylic paint department.  I’m defiantly enjoying it.


Finished piece below. “Let Freedom Soar!” $275.00 U.S. plus tax, shipping and handling.

acrylic let freedom ring eagle.jpg



Interested, drop me a line.

Playing with Acrylics

I haven’t painted with acrylics in about 20 years.  So, I have to learn all over again how to manipulate the paints. Bumble, my partner’s favorite African Cichlid, passed away, so natural Bumble became my first choice.


The Finish Bumble is below.


I love to skip around in different mediums, because my mind gets bored and doesn’t fill challenged.  I guess if I had been born into some of the newer generations, I’d been medicated. Thank goodness, my family just handed me a paint brush and crayons!